Garden Installation Themes

Transform your property into a true work of fine art by installing one of our gorgeous themed designs! We can design for booth outdoor and indoor spaces. Below we've provided a few ideas for lovely themes that will suspend your disbelief and transport you to your ideal happy place!

  • Fairy Garden: Features abundant flowers in an array of colors and shapes, as well as magical decorative elements such as moss, wind chimes, wooden bridges, semi-precious stones and crystals, magical twinkling lights and more!
  • Tropical Paradise: Ideal for pools and patios, our tropical themed installations feature both annual and perennial plants reminiscent of an island paradise! Designs feature big, broadleaved plants, bold colorful flowers, water features, coconut coir, sisal rope, bamboo, beach sand, and other beautiful sea-side elements!
  • Victorian Abode: Our Victorian themed garden features elegant, romantic design elements such as roses, peonies, climbing vines, statues, stone or brick pathways, wrought iron, and others to transport you back to times of old!
  • Holiday Theme: Want to deck out your space with patriotic Fourth Of July colors? Seeking lovely pastels for an Easter dinner gathering? Want to shower Mom in surprise flower arrangements for Mother's Day? We're happy to help design a themed space for holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions!
  • Color Code Theme: Have a favorite color (or colors) that you're just absolutely in love with? Share it with us and we'll design a garden featuring an abundance of shades of you favorite hues!

Have something else in mind? We'd love to hear your idea and help bring your dream garden to life!