10 Great Reasons To Hire Us!

We take pride in our work and work hard to offer the best landscaping and garden service possible! Below are 10 great reasons why we are the perfect fit for your project!

  1. We are fully insured, and carry General Liability, Worker's Compensation, and Disability/Paid Family Leave insurances. Though rare, you can rest easy knowing that you and your property are covered in case of the unexpected!
  2. We ONLY use organic and all-natural gardening and landscaping practices! We are pesticide-free, and also do not use herbicides, fungicides, or any other toxic chemicals harmful to people and animals.
  3. We are highly detail-oriented and happy to take care of meticulous tasks for a truly professional look.
  4. YOUR property should be designed YOUR way! While we will always offer our professional advice, we are humble people! We listen to our clients and are very open to new ideas and client input.
  5. We are critical thinkers and are great at finding creative solutions to frustrating problems!
  6. We also grow many organic plants, including vegetables, decorative plants, and houseplants--and we offer our clients a special discount of up to 25% off all inventory. We can also grow specific plants for you at your request!
  7. We love creative and unusual projects! Share your idea with us, and let us bring your dream to life!
  8. We do easy-to-pay digital invoicing via PayPal or Square. We also have short-term financing Pay-In-4 Payment Plans available.
  9. We believe pleasant interaction is an important part of a service experience! All of our employees and collaborators are very friendly, respectful, careful, and considerate. ***And perhaps most importantly of all...***
  10. We WILL NOT weed-whack your flowers!

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